Company Carpooling for a better commute

Pendle removes the roadblocks for coworkers to co-commute.
Improve company culture, reduce your CO2 emissions and offer your employees a cheaper way to get to work.

What is Pendle?

We are partnering with companies to save the world.
Pendle enables companies to give their staff the choice of a more sustainable commute by sharing their ride.

This isn’t just about the environment, though.
Carpooling together helps reduce the ever-increasing cost of petrol and parking, improving your company culture and overall employee well-being.

Join now and help drive sustainable change (pun intended).

Company culture

Better company culture

Drivers can set the days they are willing to pick up / drop off and Pendle matches colleagues that live on their route, bringing people from different teams closer together πŸ™‹

Split the cost

With Pendle, co-commuters can easily split the cost of petrol and parking, saving them money on their journey and they get to use the T2 or T3 lane 🚘

Parking and petrol
Eco friendly

Reduce your footprint

Co-workers that commute together reduce the number of cars on the road and help the environment from excessive CO2 emissions πŸ’š

Arriving soon

We are only currently allowing a few companies on our platform but you can request early access and find out about pricing by clicking the button below.

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