drive sustainable change by disrupting the commute

Pendle is the worlds first commute management platform.
Help employees that might want to make better commute choices such as cycling, taking public transport or carpooling together and reward them for their efforts. See where the best locations for silo offices or shuttle pick-up points are.

What is Pendle?

We are partnering with companies to save the world.

The future of cities, transport and work are changing. The cost of getting to and from an office each day is increasing, not just a financial cost but in time and stress.

Pendle is for HR, People and Culture and Sustainability teams to see where everyone lives and to segment, incentivise and track positive change over time. 💚

See employees within your company who could be carpooling together and set incentives for behaviour change. 🚗

Reach out to employees that could be cycling and remove the roadblocks (pun intended) to get them to a healthier, happier commute. 🚲

Find out who would benefit the most from working remotely or where the best locations for a silo office would be. Map the best places for a company-shuttle pick up point would be without the guesswork. 🚌

Arriving soon

We're still building our platform but why not be one of the first to take us for a test drive (no more puns, we promise!) by clicking the button below.

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