company carpooling for a better commute

Pendle removes the roadblocks for coworkers to co-commute.
Cut down on parking spaces, improve company culture and offer your employees a better way to commute.

What is Pendle?

We are partnering with companies around New Zealand to save the world.

When it comes to being sustainable, we believe by making individual improvements we can achieve our collective best.
Pendle enables companies to give their employees the choice of a more sustainable commute.

We’re carpooling at scale πŸš™.
We help remove some of the unknowns around cycling πŸš΄β€β™€οΈ.
We drive sustainable change (pun intended.)

This isn’t just about the environment, though.
We reduce the ever increasing cost of the commute, improve your company culture and overall employee wellbeing.

Company culture

Better company culture

Drivers can set the days they are willing to pick up / drop and Pendle matches colleagues that live on their route, bringing employees closer together πŸ™‹

Split Parking and Petrol

With Pendle, co-commuters can easily split the cost of petrol and parking, saving them money on their journey and they get to use the T2 or T3 lane 🚘

Parking and petrol
Eco friendly

Reduce your footprint

Coworkers that commute together reduce the number of cars on the road and help the environment from excessive CO2 emissions πŸ’š

Arriving soon

We are only currently allowing a few companies on our platform but you can request early access and find out about pricing by clicking the button below.

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